He Fang's Dead Man's Party

published Jul 13, 2018 | | |
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Lapp 80

Howdy folks! Recently I've seen some players talk about having decks with a story to them. While I highly suggest checking out jordan_caldwell's reports, as each have a very colorful tale of the deck's adventure through events, this has a theme that I thought might inspire others, so I wanted to share it.

For awhile I've been wanting to try a deck that starts He Fang, so this is what I came up with: abominations with attires! For something more competitive, definitely check out Carter's GenCon 2017 Winning deck off of 2 value 5s and Qs for a similar concept of playstyle. Starting Longwei is certainly a more effective build, but try this out for fun :)

At a casual Tombstone event in New Hampshire, I went up to have some fun with the Scrubs on Wheels group. I was invited to join in on the 6 man event where everyone had a different faction. This left me with 108, but little did they know, I had the silver bullet for a couple of the heavy hitters there.

Round 1 Alan: Totemslide. Alan is running Beyond the Veil, but seeing a lack of totems. What really got him though was Natalya with a Sunday Best being able to move in and jump Clementine on influence at The Place during the upkeep phase, which allowed me to benefit at times by both it's production and the bonus it provided my own deed. I maintained control while building my own deeds, managing to get Christine with a Knight Chasuble into the Whateley Estate to hold it. Close to time being called, I believe Alan forgot I was camping on his Tax Office all game, and when he spent out his ghost rock, I discarded Nicodemus. A late game Ambush on Clementine helped win after time as well.

Game 2 Tonya: Law Dogs Blitz. I suspected a Judge Blitz, but Tonya was trying something with Wylie Jenks. She couldn't get an economy going, so I build up and managed to get a Mugging off on a lone Thunder Boy with a Shotgun, Bluetick, and Duster, and played a Pistol Whip to end the job and get rid of some troublesome items. Once ready to fight with an army of Abominations, I kept all the wanted ones out (B&B Attorneys helped this), and took down Wylie and crew.

Game 3 Ian: Sloaneslide. This deck is a pretty solid counter to Ian's coveted Sloaneslide. The Nickel Night Inn with Ulysses was a bit of a pain at first, but knowing what he was up to, I built up and secured the win.

Our gracious host for the evening at the bbq would take the lovely Huckleberry mat and a great day of games was had by all.

The draw structure is not my preferred 16/15/10, but I've been switching some cards around since playing it against Emre at PAX Unplugged at the social event and it ended a 12/14/15 I believe. Here's my thoughts on the what I dropped after the event and the off suit:

-Dropped 1 Sunday Best for Absalom: trying him out since it goes with the theme; could go for something else or even off suit

-Dropped 1 Hawley for Taff's: cheap deed, don't need 3 Hawley (I was also playing with the new Attire rule so had plenty to spread)

-Dropped Rosenbaum Golem for Bilton Collection Agency: Rosenbaum was ok as another dude to drop with He Fang but not necessary and Bilton really lets you cash in if your opponent is playing a lot of deeds. Be careful not to play it if you can't defend it, so it's a test.

-Dropped Shiny Things for We Got Beef: just playing around with other 4s, feel free to make it another Coachwhip or Ambush or whatever :)

Off suit:

-Notary Public: combos with Companhursts

-Circle M: you should be playing enough cards a turn to draw a card

-Walter Creek: combos with Companhursts

-General Store: someone has to pay for the those attires!

-Soul Cage: punish opponent for lowball cheatin'

Another note: You'll be fighting with draws unless He Fang or Karl gets in there so be careful to wait a bit or get in skirmishes against draws (why the Longwei deck is better)

Feel free to mess with change up as you see fit :)