2T2D - Spiritual Kung-Fu

published Jul 26, 2018 | | |
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Prodigy 695

The First Peoples bring Kung Fu to Tombstone!

This is a 3's and 5's draw structure with A-6 straight flush backup, which becomes more likely as more of your non-clubs hit the board.

Starting gang is very versatile:

Matthew Rising Sun could easily be changed out for a starting Feichi "Suitcase" Lee if you need more starting influence

Virginia Ann Earp could be added if you are going against hand rank manipulation - either change her in place of Jake, or if that's too low of starting ghost rock change out Alexander Sequoia, which still leaves you at 5 starting influence. Sequoia is so awesome, but Virginia will more than make up for it if you're going against Force Field, Hex Slingin', Calling The Cavalry, etc etc

Doomsday Supply's let you pick and choose the goods you need at the moment, which most of the time will be a shotgun, which your kung fu dudes will use to great extent with the help of the Zhu Baije techniques.

Speaking of techniques, Monkey Goes to the Mountain is a fun new one that has more interesting possibilities beyond what Rabbit's Deception can do. You can use a single kung fu dude to end a shootout, putting an opposing booted dude in a prime location for a follow up call out in a location that is very out of position for the opponent. Or just use it along side Rabbit's Lunar Leap to kick a dude out and come back in.

If you like Feichi "Suitcase" Lee as a starter, Monkey Goes to the Mountain should probably be changed out for Rabbit's Deception, as his kung fu is not high enough to make it worthwhile.

I had my initial doubts about EW Kung Fu, but in the few games I've seen with these new dudes I've been surprisingly impressed.

Jul 26, 2018 Prodigy

Also of note is that the Tao of the Bull Demon King is a natural fit for First Peoples kung fu with all their influence, however we don't yet have dudes that can succeed pulling 7's or 8's. If you want to try that out, pack plenty of Nunchucks (and maybe Doomsday Supply's to be sure you find them)!