O'Lithen It Up!

published Sep 30, 2018 | | |
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DoomDog 931

Went 2-2 to finish fifth out of eleven in York on 30/09/18. After trying to build various ideas and deciding they had too many moving parts to really work I just went for a straghtforward shooty deck and ended up throwing this together the morning of the event. Overall it was fun to play but I found the deck's performance to be very swingy. In the games I won it set up quickly enough to be a shootout threat. In the games I lost it didn't work at all: Not finding spells with Grimme, not drawing deeds, and other such luck. It really highlighted just how good Father Tolarios is for helping your Blessed dudes set up.

I found between Stewart Davidson and Riorden O'Lithen I didn't have any trouble getting bounties established for The Arsenal, "Thunder Boy" Nabbe and Hattie DeLorre to exploit. Framing opposing dudes secured lucrative rewards when they were discarded. Big stacks of bounty on stud dudes also made them vulnerable to You Had ONE Job! That proved to be a worthy include, with both abilities seeing use throughout the day.

I like Righteous Fury, and having it in play scared my opponents, but it felt like casting it cursed my draw hand for that round. I think it only triggered a couple of times throughout the day, and one of those I forgot about at the time! On the subject of forgetting about spells, one of my losses may not have been so had I remembered that I had an unused Consecration in the shootout, which would have taken the sting off the Bottom Dealin' my opponent hit me with after we both revealed cheatin' hands. I don't play decks with lots of shootout spells often, and I've noticed that when I do I regularly forget that I have abilities to use. I should play them more regularly and get used to them!

I didn't have a problem with opposing dudes hiding away at home, so today the Tin Stars were a bit redundant, but I feel they're useful to have. Four copies of Amazing Grace was fine, despite Grimme. I could discard one from play by using Riorden's ability and then equip another copy from my hand to cycle them, or else use them to fuel Stewart's ability.