Ravens War party

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jaythejester 455

Raven To the doomed peoples of California. Death awaits you. Your slaughter has been ordained. As you give thanks to your god of death, who brought prosperity to your people through the slaughter of the people first dwelling these lands, I will bring a new slaughter. We give thanks for the blood you shall spill which will hearken a new era for my people.

This deck is built to take advantage of some strong synergies with spirit and first people cards. If Matilda casts Strength of the Ancestors and is granted a bonus from Raven, you'll have a 7 stud! Raven can permanently increase the bullets of your dudes as well. Raven also helps finish the game with an extra control, which means most games can be managed with a lower influence total.

Buffalo Rifle can help with Strength of the Ancestors movement restriction, and is very good on Bloody Teeth because he can join adjacent shootouts even after he boots home to cover a casualty. Combine with Mother Bear's Rage, and Turtle's Guard, and you'll be causing constant threats to opponents dudes with greatly reduced risk to your dudes.

Nov 21, 2018 jordan caldwell

Guide Horse?

So that Bloody Teeth and his Buffalo Rifle can cover a second casualty on your opponent's street?

Nov 22, 2018 DoomDog

I like that suggestion!