Drunken Monkey Saloon Siege

published Nov 26, 2018 | | |
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jaythejester 435

Jesters Industries here, brining you breaking news from The Drunken Monkeys. We are reporting that this inebriated simian clan have claimed various deeds around Gomorra. They have shut themselves inside and have began drinking heavily, turning both banks and the mayors office into saloons. Mr. Ootang has informed us that his town is under siege, but we could not gather any more from him than this.

Here’s my concept for the deck. You have great influence and income, and phanominal card advantage. The trickiest part of piloting this deck is working through the deluge of reacts and automatically triggering traits between your Outfit, and Focusing Chi. The deck is heavy on control points on deeds, and so has a win condition of build rather than attack. This isn’t really a slide deck that runs and hides, it fights to defend those control points. It’s a Siege deck!

Important to note is that you don’t have any starting stud dudes that can leave home. You’ll have to find one to play, likely with Agent P. Siege Of The Orphanage will turn your whole posse into studs also, which will likely be enough to find a good shootout hand. Just be aware that your posse won’t be able to flee, even if you successfully defend one of your deeds, so be careful not to have a large bunch of draw dudes get trapped booted in town and destroyed in a follow up fight that day. Monkey Goes to the Mountain is meant to seriously disrupt opponents plans, dragging opponents dudes off your deeds, or onto your own deeds to use with Siege. Tusk is included because it draws a card when played and is a cheap easy little bullet bonus, perfect for a Siege deck.

This deck is light on Cheating Resolution, but hopefully with this decks card cycling you’ll have a Bottom Dealin' when you need it. You may have to also cheat through the pain if you draw some five of a kinds.