Making God's Perfect Soldier

published Dec 06, 2018 | | |
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This is a newer version of the deck I brought to PAX last year. It's mainly just a goofy idea that Tolarios can help you get Lay on Hands out to avoid the negative of inventing a The Wretched. You can also go get Confession to scoop up the bounty your Mad Scientists make when building The Wretched. At the cost of several actions each turn, you can pretty much avoid all the downside of the inventions.

After that, you just get in shootouts with your 4 Stud dudes and the tight draw structure. Use Martyr's Cry or Consecration to avoid taking significant casualties in a round of a shootout. As long as you have a few of those cards, you should be able to outlast an opponent.

I was wrong about this against several of the opponents at PAX, which is great because I learned the deck needed several improvements to keep up with the pace. If I learned anything, many players have learned to cheat through the pain. If you have only one cheatin resolution, your opponents will likely decide what they can do to survive it and cheat anyway. I was able to corner at least one opponent where I could willingly cheat 5oak whenever I wanted, then I managed to not draw a 5oak out of 11 cards in several rounds.

The deck could use several updates from newer sets or cards I just hadn't noticed would be useful before.

I would drop the This'll Hurt in the Mornin' and use Ricochet as the new CR. Overall, it'll be a better CR and it adds to the decks ability to soak casualties. The 8 would swap over to You Had ONE Job! which would also had to casualty reduction AND if you really wanted to, you could use it to make your Mad Scientists studs if they keep some bounty or use it to turn dudes into draws if they come after you.

Overall, I like the deck and its goofiness, but it wasn't up to par with the shootout capabilities of the other PAX participants this year. If I had to do it again, I would leave out the Wretched goofiness and put in the stable of strong dudes that Law Dogs has at 8's along with solid casualty reduction to stay alive as long as possible.

Dec 06, 2018 Harlath

Bravo for trying something different and appreciate the decklist and report.

Particularly benefited from commentary on what you'd change and the play style. Packing Censure could help here as Tolarios can grab it and it is pretty good against people cheatin' through the pain - might buy you a tie or win and lets you send home opposing bullet catchers or studs, according to circumstances.

Dec 06, 2018 Projectwinterstorm

Perhaps consider a couple of An Accidental Reunion in this case. The pain that they cheat through will be that bit more painful :)

Dec 07, 2018 crx3800

I've considered a lot of spells to help out. The ultimate goal is to have a very strong draw structure that can also pass the pulls reliably after the first few rounds. There are several new cards which will be fun to incorporate as a way to absorb casualties all while tossing 4oak or 5oak often.

Dec 07, 2018 crx3800

As an additional point, there seems to be this draw to other players to want to actively go after Father Tolarios. This pretty much means they will be starting the shootouts which is why I don't have an initiator in the deck, but Judge Harry Somerset (Exp.1) can easily be swapped in if your opponents aren't as aggressive.

Dec 08, 2018 Projectwinterstorm

Sounds good!

Dec 08, 2018 jordan caldwell

Does this deck have a name?

Maybe something about creating a Perfect Crusader?

Dec 13, 2018 crx3800

@jordan caldwell you make an excellent point. Making the perfect soldier. :D

Dec 14, 2018 jordan caldwell