Clowns 10+J+Q Slade Blast

published Dec 22, 2014 | | |
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mplain 1647

I thought about whether Slade Lighbody could ever be worth playing over Steele Archer, so I made this deck that focuses on maximizing the efficiency of Soul Blast.

Note: Takin' Ya With Me should be It's Not What You Know.

There are only four cards with a value less than a 10 -- 4x Soul Blasts. If you ever pull one of those, Slade will have your back. With his huckster skill of 2, you will have an [almost] guaranteed pull of 12. As opposed to the usual setup (a deck playing 8s and starting Mongwau), that's enough to always:

  • ace Tommy, Phillip, Judge, Olivia, Dulf, Steele;

  • whip Wendy, Jarrett Blake, Ghostly Gun, Wylie Jenks.

So basically it should improve your matchup vs. Law Dogs. Thing is, it doesn't really matter if you ace or whip a small dude, and reliably whipping Wendy would be good but nobody starts her vs. 4R anymore.

On the bad side of things, this deck forfeits 8s with Paralyze Mark, Steven Wiles, and Rumors. Is it worth it? I don't think so.

Therefore I declare that the experiment has failed. There's no home for Slade Nobody in the meta.