Too Tough to Veil (Abomination Series 2-0)

published Jan 08, 2019 | | |
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Photuris 4

I played this to win a small Abomination Series event.

Game 1 - vs an Oddities deck: I didn't see very many totems that game so I equipped Enapay with an Idol and Zachary had enough bullets to get through a couple key shootouts to wear down the opponent's influence for the win.

Game 2 - vs a Full moon brotherhood deck: I opened the game with moving forward. My opponent had a cheating low ball hand, so I played Moving Foward to get the Epidemic Laboratory. From there, I ran the job and stacked totems on the deed until it put me over the top.

Game 3 (exhibition match) - vs a gadget morgan regulator deck: I opened the game with Epidemic Laboratory, so I executed the same game plan as before.

Jan 08, 2019 Harlath

Congratulations and thanks for sharing the decklist, excellent name too. :)

Could recruitment drive be worth including to dig for your Epidemic Laboratory? That said, you might not want to change a winning formula, and in one of the games Moving Forward let you do the same thing at much lower risk.

Encouraged to see Matilda Loomis make it in to a starting posse as a new dude, alongside Guiding Wind - interested in thoughts/feelings on these in particular.

Jan 08, 2019 TybarSunsong

As someone who played against Matilda with Guiding really made a rough choice to either boot that with Hydropuncher or use Nathan Shane to look at his hand first.

I chose wrong, and dropped three bullets for that error.

Jan 09, 2019 jordan caldwell


Curious to what extent you feel Beyond the Veil was the best home as compared to the other Eagle Warden homes?

Because it looks like you would be able to hold Townsquare between your combat spirits and complement of actions.


Feb 12, 2019 Photuris

@Harlath If I were to iterate on this deck, another Moving Forward would be the approach I would take to make the deck more consistent. I like Matilda and Guiding Wind a lot. I usually use Wind to strengthen my dude as I usually faced opposing posses with more than one viable shooter.

@jordan caldwell I picked Beyond the Veil because the deck started as a totem exclusive deck. If I were to move to a different outfit, I'd lean more on regular spirits so I could pick fights in more places.

Feb 12, 2019 Harlath

Thanks, good to hear how even something successful can be tweaked. :) Cheers for the extra commentary on a couple of relatively new cards and what makes them feel fun and useful.