Bojangles' Hucksters

published Feb 09, 2019 | | |
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Bojangles 12

Hey folks!

Here is my modified outlaw huckster deck that I'm planning on using with friends. I do not wish to go for the usual 16x3 deck structure, but rather it's designed to be a deck that tends to win by avoiding shootouts, often letting the other players wipe each other out. That being said, since I am trying to have the vast majority of my cards in the 8 and above value, it'd still likely do very well in shootouts - despite lots of cheatin'.

It's not designed to be tournament powerful, but rather with friends. Currently their decks are from the base set, using the four suggested decks from each of the factions. That being said, while I don't know of any shops nearby that hold tournaments, it would be nice if it was at least able to do okay. However, since my friends don't use uber powerful decks, I don't want anything that will whomp all over them.

What do people think? Any suggestions? The sets I have are as follows: Base set (only one - and we have those 4 base decks assembled that I don't want to scavenge from), Faith and Fear, Immovable Object..., New Town, New Rules, Nightmare at Noon, Show Stopper, Blood Moon, Reckoning, Too Tough to Die

Thanks for all your feedback/input!

Regards, Bojangles