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macfarley 1

Feb 20, 2019 Doowa

Looking like a fly deck. With those Zhu Baije Techniques, I’d strongly recommend you to add 2 Shotguns instead of some of the other goods.

Also Abuelita Espinoza is probably to expensive as a starter even with Benjamin Washington or perhaps you’ve had better experiences? I’d consider starting Randall and add some other cheap dudes at value 2. You’d still have 4 upkeep, turn 2, so you have to focus on getting a deed/income turn 1, IMO.

Feb 25, 2019 macfarley

Yeah this deck is going through tweaks as I get more cards (saddlebags, a second base set) but I was trying to construct 6 fairly balanced factions to introduce some friends to the game. The upkeep is, ideally just 3 on turn 2, with Abuelita holding down somebody else' deed and Bai chilling in someone's home base.