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NoChildren64 4

This Gang is good at murderin’ crippled scientists, errand boys and any dude depraved enough to put a cowboy hat on a mechanized hombre.

They ain’t so good at fending off them pesky law dogs when they’re blessed with annoying amounts of divine intervention. No matter how much I sinned, I found my crimes forgiven and my Dudes unwanted.

I’ve since modified this deck, and look forward to Out for Blood, but this deck works well at getting straight flushes or upgrading to a Dead Man’s Hand on occasion with Comin’ Up Roses.

Antoine finds jobs and gives a Dude extra street cred.

Outfit provided adequate revenue to bring out a much discounted Morgan Lash or Sloane.

No one enjoys a first turn kidnappin’, but with a winning first turn lowball and an income after upkeep of two additional Ghost Rock, were I lucky enough to have an Ambush in hand, I found a first turn first game action to ambush an essential starting posse member worthwhile every time.