Faith and fury 2 (H'pool hunting grounds series 2nd place)

published May 03, 2019 | | |
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Faith and fury (York Abomination Series 2nd place) 2 3 1
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caelreth 82

Version 2 of my Tolarios Toolbox deck!

The basic idea is still to figure out what your opponent's deck is up to, and use Father Tolarios to find the appropriate solution. Once you are ready for shoot-outs in the town square, keep spamming Sentinel to rack up control points.

Went 2-1 at the Hartlepool Hunting Grounds series event.

I still think this deck concept has real potential, but still requires some tweaks. Economy still needs some work (though it would help if I remembered that I have Confession for just that purpose), plus I need a few more big meaty dudes. Twilight Is Upon Us from OFB also looks a good fit.

Onward to Edinburgh!