Stone Dead Mans Hand

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ThomasJakobsen 6

I used the deck for the Copenhagen Hunting Ground Series event (June 25th), where I placed 9 out of 11. Even with the fairly loose draw structure the deck handled itself decently, and the DMH came up i shoptings often enough (or else I got 4 of a kind). The plan was to shoot it out with #kidnappin’ and have control over Townsquare. And don’t worry to much about casualties since the dead abominations enter play again pretty fast in this deck thanks to Howard Mance (who was a realiable dude when combined with Hired Guns). That part worked pefectly in the One game that I won. Biggest trouble was that my opponents all played decks that didn’t cheat, but relied heavyly on Draw Hand Manipulation, meaning they almost always was able to beat my 4oaK, or match the DMH. Game 1: Another clown shoot-out deck with Abominations, meaning that we both could play Ivor for free a leisure :) I won by keeping my head cool in the final shootout and playing the odds that I would be able to draw a DMH fairly certaintly with the fem cards left in the deck. Game 2: Gave a god fight but lost to Law Dogs. In the end he had so much influence on the table on a Big Host of cheap dudes, and we where heading towards time, that my only (faint) hope was to gamble upon some shootout to level the field. But no such luck... Game 3: Got floored, beaten and even more flattened by Morgan horsies. I saw the deck in motion sitting besides the player for the first to games and new he realiably played 4 or 5 of a kind i shootouts. So I decided to try to stay home and take it chill until I could trim the deck a bit and get the Pedros out. It worked for two turns, then his deck clicked and in turn 4 it was pretty much over due to a Hauge stack of ghostrock, and too many morgan dudes on horses. We played almost to time, while I hunkered Down and hoved for the best. In the last det turns I was repeatly hit by Run Em Down, and loosing shootouts when he played Calling the Cavalry for an impressive +8 Hand Rank modifier... Ivor hung out with his Pedro, until he got Kidnapped ;) Game 4: Outlaws out of Desolation row, again with solid Hand Rank Manipulation. I foiled his first job, drawing a lucky DMH, putting some presser on. But in turn 3 I was on the defensive and the game didn’t take more than about 15 minutes total before I lost.

May 27, 2019 ThomasJakobsen

I am looking to update the deck, and will probably include the Shan Fan Shootout to counter all those horribly effective Draw Hand manipulation sheenanigans going around town.

May 27, 2019 Harlath

Normally I'd suggest Virginia Ann Earp to help with your hand rank manipulating opponent, but she doesn't work well with Karl Odett... Similarly, the forthcoming Valeria Batten (Exp.1) doesn't real help answer this Hand Rank Manipulation filth due to not being an Abomination!

Shan Fan Showdown! and switching the deck to J might work (and you're part of the way there already as a DMH deck)? Would give you Rapier as an additional melee weapon so you'd have that + Claws to turn off their Hand Rank manipulation.

Or sticking with current values and going with Murdered in Tombstone instead of Hired Guns on A? Then get in to Shootouts on rounds that you've won lowball, albeit this only stops Headline Hand Rank Manipulation rather than all of it, but that's at least one of these matches.

Thanks for the write-up and deck list! Useful to monitor how hand rank manipulation is doing in the environment.

May 27, 2019 jordan caldwell

Cool deck.

Had a conversation with three new players this weekend one of whom took the Fearmongers pre-constructed deck, replaced Skinwalker for Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo as a starting dude, and slapped Jasper Stone on as a Legend, giving that a go.

If he pops up on these forums, I will direct him here.