Point blank gadgets

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Campolin 1

The idea is simple - build up your dudes, single out easy targets with the Bounty hunter and use the point blank whenever possible to get the control point with Hellstromme (this Works very good since your dudes Will have a High bullet Count)

Try to avoid Big shootouts against too many low cost dudes due to your expensive dudeseventually taking a hit and ending up dead before you know it. So be carefull

Need some more game testing but looking forward to hear your general suggestion and thought of the setup


all 4 bounty hunter is changed to "a slight modification" all 2 its not what you know is changed to "ride em down" only 2 richohet is changed to "cheatin varmint"

Jun 03, 2019 Campolin

i have changed following - 1. "its not what you know" is changed to "ride them down" 2. bounter hunter is changed to a slight modification.

the call out will be a bit more difficult, but ride them down works very good with these guys.

Jun 03, 2019 ThomasJakobsen

I prefer to have 3 x Run 'Em Down! and a single Kidnappin' for those dudes that have a horse or Pedro