Lillian Morgan, Hell-raiser

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davido 101

Lillian Morgan is a big girl and can take care of herself. She is most afraid of a T1 first action Kidnappin', especially if she loses lowball. Desired opening hand especially includes Hired Help, Steven Wiles, or Bobo (e.g. instant support).

Hex Slingin' is clutch - cycle those spells. Deeds and most dudes are 1x to play out and thin the deck.

This deck used to run 2x of Tyx until the ruling that Lillian's ability did NOT pay the entry cost of a Raisin' Hell target. Bobo is cheap and so clutch as instant offense/Steve clone. I can usually find 1 GR to bring him back. Bonus style points for acing Bobo out of hand and THEN using Raisin' Hell to bring him into the fight.

Right now, 9H Tin Star is a placeholder until a very nice 9H drops in Double Dealin'. I'll have more analysis once I've rebuilt w/ DD cards.

Right now, outside of the starters Travis/Irving, Bobo is the only card that fails the dreaded 'Blood Curse test' and he more than pulls his weight (pun intended) on several levels.

Versus Sloane (my toughest matchup) - Allie is the obvious Forget target. Barton and Ramiro are good targets for Paralysis mark. without Morgan Research, there are a base of 16 cards that can boot Sloane (or a KS), but generally I tend to boot studs w/ influence.