Virginia is fer Outlaws

published Aug 27, 2019 | | |
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This deck is one in a couple hundred incarnations of me hyper-focusing on Desolation Row as an Outfit.

The 17 starting GR is a hurtle with Outlaws. Sure, the Gang will do all sorts of shenanigans for attention, but finding the right crew is difficult when most outlaws want cash up front. Influential Outlaws who are loyal no matter the loot on hand is even harder— most come with an initial high bar tab to cover from bragging too much at Quark’s [Terok Nor] or Cliff’s Cliff's #4 Saloon.

This crew? They’re Out for Blood!

What are the chances you’ll win lowball? I was very fortunate each game.

With 4GR and the First Play, if you have an Ambush, do it! This is a quick way to cripple your opponent’s carefully hired posse! (If Prof. Aloysius Roe is out, show him his wheelchair dun mean nothin’!)

If yer opponent opposes you, yer crew each have two bounty which halfway to a control point on each hombre! Virginia will make sure this goes the way everyone knows (deep down in their gut) how this little venture’s goin down.