Putting the drinks together

published Oct 15, 2019 | | |
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jaythejester 460

Jesters industries is putting together a bar crawl like none before.

This deck has so much going on. Let’s dig in. We have enough deeds to stress your opponents influence resources, and to fuel the economy this deck requires. It has Rabbits Deception to send opponents dudes with influence off your deeds, or to weaken your opponents posse when it’s ready to fight. It has card draw and cycle to find the right tools for the job depending on the game. It has Hand Rank Manipulation to cause full houses or flushes to turn into deadly hands.

Draw structure is A(13)-5(12) with very low chance Flush/SF hearts.

This is a PTPT deck that has some shootout control from rabbit fu. It tries to find PTPT through card draw and cycle. It should have enough structure and stud bullets to do well even if you don’t get PTPT active. It is very light on CR, but heavy on Hand Rank manipulation. It hopes to not have to deal with good cheating hands by spreading opponents thin and sending shooters home booted.

So here’s the skinny of how you’ll play the deck most games. Start by building up the town, and playing any cards that strengthens your board presence. Find your Putting The Pieces Together through card draw and cycle. Rabbits Deception can help clear a dude off your deed, or be used with Jars to cycle your hand and draw more.

Once you have enough deeds in play that opponents influence is close to your number of control points you want to launch an attack on your opponents weakest influence. Your hoping that with 3 dudes to sacrifice for casualties and several hand rank bonuses stacked you’ll eventually whittle down the opponent so that you eek out control of the town.