Office of Jade Ancestors

published Oct 17, 2019 | | |
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jaythejester 460

Raven To the cursed invaders of my ancestors sacred lands. Your hubris shall be undone. We have begun to redeem this land through the spilling of foreign blood. We will once again control these lands. We Shall Not Be Moved. This Hallows Eve we will call upon the Spirits of our Ancestors, and with the Rising Sun a new day will dawn.

This deck combines both Totems and Kung Fu! Your game plan is to Raven a deed, get your kung fu dude to the deed, and Jade Stance. This gives your kung fu dude enough bullets to dominate shootouts and run your homes Job. It also allows them to stay at the deed after the job is finished since they can't be moved. Quarter Horse will also help your dudes from getting separated.

Monkey Goes to the Mountain can help you manipulate an opponents dude to fight on a Ravened deed. If a Jade Stanced dude uses Monkey it will remove both dudes from the shootout, but your dude will stay where they are.

For Spirits, you've got a +3 bullet and stud making spell which can turn Matilda into a 7 stud with Raven. Mother's Bear can be planted by your home and then used used to start fights.

Oct 18, 2019 jordan caldwell

Holy shit this looks cool!

Jay, did you end up being able to make it to Tombstone? (I remember you were lookin' fer a place to crash)...

Oct 18, 2019 jaythejester

@jordan caldwell Thank you.

I unfortunately will not be able to go to Tombstone. Very suddenly had to move this summer and I’ve been job hopping, and only just found a good job. I don’t have the time off for it now though

Oct 19, 2019 jordan caldwell

Dagnabbit. Was hopin' to meet the man behind the curtain...

Oct 24, 2019 Antonlion

This deck looks amazing!

Oct 24, 2019 Antonlion

The only problem I see is failing to cast Strength of the Ancestors with Mathilda. Do you have anything to make sure it succeeds?