Doctors Office v2 - Worlds Fear Level Variant - 1st place

published Oct 30, 2019 | | |
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Prodigy 695

The Fear level variant event that happened during the Worlds 2019 Top 8, we slung lead over the sweet new Quatarman Prime playmat from this years Hunting Grounds series.

The more I play this home/deck, the more I enjoy it. This isn't terribly different from the original, with some needed tweaks here and there, but the starting posse is the biggest change. Goodbye Feichi "Suitcase" Lee, you were very fun and will be missed, and hello Mariel Lewis. Matilda Loomis had to go in favor of Mazatl to make up for the GR difference, and was also a great choice to be able to move over to a deed after the homes job is complete, and use the totem.

Unfortunately I don't remember details of each match, but each round the deck did what it was supposed to do: get one in town deed, run the job for sweet, sweet cash, and otherwise build up and constantly harass the opponent with powerful shootout and resolution cards. Run the job to provide extra pressure when necessary, and otherwise try to dominate town square.

Mariel + Kidnappin + Steven Wiles was used at least 2-3 times and is a nasty combination, and Doc Holliday meant that I don't think I ever drew less than 10 cards into hand, and often more.

Aaron, I won't forget - this playmat is yours if I end up winning any of the local or OCTGN Hunting Ground events!

Oct 31, 2019 jordan caldwell

So - decided to abandon Spirit Dance in favor of Silver Pheasant's Bounty, have we?

Oct 31, 2019 karoob

How did J value played for you? Was Outgunned and Law useful at all? What would be your first casualty? I see that when Travis is list, you are not able to run Job from home anymore and when Eva is lost, Doc becomes almost useless. How you manager to sort that out? Very cool deck by the way

Oct 31, 2019 Prodigy

@jordan caldwell yeah, who knew putting the right cards in your deck would turn out so helpful? haha

@karoob The J value is extremely good. Hearts is the only suit that isn't great, but the rest are fantastic - I was never unable to use Outgunned, and while I was more confident against many opposing cheatin res with Law Goes Underground, it turned out not particularly useful - I'd rather just have another Outgunned. I have so many bullets, it's almost always a legal 4oaK, or once in a great while on a bad day a legal full house. Combine cheatin res with Outgunned, and what can your opponent do? They cheat, they die, they don't cheat, we Outgunned above their rank unless its an actual Dead Mans Hand.

As for casualties, always Travis first, then Eva next. I've had that happen, and while it sucks, there are SO many 3-bullet dudes in reserve it's easy to instantly have the bullets you need for the job (and to be honest, most games only see the job being run once or twice anyway, and often early on). And you can still give a dude a bullet via Enapay, which isn't amazing, but still relevant.

Taking casualties definitely hurts a lot in this deck, but that's also why I added another Turtles guard and the Mischievous Coyote, as well as why I have the Pedro and the expendable Stevens.

Nov 04, 2019 DrCthulhu

Thanks Joe, I had a blast playing v1 of this deck in the main event and the Twilight Protocol event Saturday evening. I look forward to receiving the Quarterman Prime mat when you win another :D

It was awesome seeing you pilot this deck to it's full ability and learn a few things on how to use it well, even though you destroyed me with it :)