First Round CP Golf - 8 Points

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The Challenge

Assuming the worst possible luck (on draws and always-lose lowball) and an opponent who doesn't interact (always passes, doesn't oppose jobs, no cheating punishment, etc.), generate as much CP as possible round 1.

Worded differently; your deck needs to always be able to generate the given CP count, if faced with a non-interactive opponent.

This Deck - 8 Points

3 CP from Whateley Trait (Whateley, Doris, and Cooke boot)

2 CP from Deeds (you will start with 5 cards; you either draw a 2 CP deed, or at least 2 different 1 CP deeds; guaranteed as you can only draw at most 4 of any 1 deed)

1 CP from Raven

2 CP from Doris (move her to a deed, + Cooke to town square then move her to a deed)

Benjamin discounts your upkeep for 3 cards and leaves you with 2 in hand. He then gives you another card. This leaves 1 card for Cooke ability, + 2 cards for deeds (if necessary; might only need 1). Start has 4 rock (2 starting, -1 lost to lowball, +3 on income), which is enough to play any 2 CP deed, or 2 of any of the 1 CP deeds.