The Fearsome Mister Miss

published Nov 07, 2019 | | |
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Willisbatman 34

I am thinking of bringing this deck to the peace keeper event in Portland. Everyone on the forums is saying that the Fab Mr/Ms is in the “unplayable “category or underwhelming and I disagree . I think with a easy enough set up the fab do some bad things any thoughts are welcome

Nov 07, 2019 pathojin

As a trans woman I have some, uh, ambivalent-to-say-the-least feelings about Mister Miss but I also just wish he was remotely playable, so I'm curious how this deck's been doing for you. I assume the game plan is to give him a six gun to make him scarier and then Forced Quarantine them if they run away from fights? How well is this deck handling him getting in a shootout? That was always the sticking point for my builds.

Nov 08, 2019 Willisbatman

The Fab does well in shoot outs but never goes alone Christine is always there and typically is armed as well . If you see Arnold early ( I am thinking about dropping Jake for him) you have pretty much nothing to worry about as your draw structure is pretty tight so if things go badly you will tie with most decks who keep it honest . The forced quarantine isn't for anyone who Ran away from the Fab Mr/Ms it's for who's left ( they won't have any influence so go after dudes who do =] .) also the Fab Mr/Ms is a great answer to friends in high places the guide horse is to help them get around town to call out more people . Also the deck has joker's in it I just did not put them in the deck list cuz well I am forgetful . ( I agree that the name / character design is a unfortunate stereotype ) I have played six games with it so far and it is undefeated although some of that has be too luck ( holster decks are a rough match up , landslide decks are a cakewalk and amazing Grace is a big pain in the butt) as a 1st draft of a deck it plays well and is fun .

Nov 08, 2019 pathojin

Yeah it seems like Arnold could definitely do work here... I might try this out, maybe cut a Ricochet because it seems like there's some other 9s that might be useful and you're already packing lots of cheatin' resolutions. FMB might be a good other outfit to try out too.

Nov 08, 2019 Willisbatman

Please let me know how you like the deck out of FMB . ( I think it might make Force quarantine difficult to play) I always think cheating punishment as a regional flavor, in the northwest people cheat often and always having a card in hand has won me more than a few games . Also having a few on table cheating punishment options is always Tempo changer that works well for this deck .

Nov 08, 2019 jordan caldwell
Nov 08, 2019 pathojin

Will do @Willisbatman! Christine Perfect still lets you turn on Forced Quarantine so the FMB build might leave a couple in and cut the rest for other Qs. Also I'm up in Seattle so, might see you down in Portland if I end up going...

Nov 09, 2019 Willisbatman

@jordan caldwell I don't think you're a daisy if you do should go into the deck as it already has alot of forced call outs that wont leave me booted in the town's square . Also there is a chance I won't have a stud on the table early game and it would be a dead card . ( Also I only have one play set and it's in my law dogs deck lol )