Howard's Hustle: Tombstone Davidson Deck

published Nov 16, 2019 | | |
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Pine Box Entertainment, LLC 156

Andrew Davidson (1999 Doomtown World Champion)'s deck from the Tombstone Destination main event.

Nov 27, 2019 Andrew Davidson

This is my latest Hustle deck -- see the Custard Pie Hustle for the version which won the Sheriff of Birmingham. This dispensed with Rico, who has been nerfed, and added some Tombstone locals like Ike Clanton and Curly Bill. The starters are usually Milt and Makeo, who make money fast. Barton is expensive but starts too for early aggression. The Den are allowed two starting grifters and these are Travis, to arrange a good opening hand, and Ol' Howard. I'm nostalgic for Howard who was the heart of the classic Sweetrock. His ghost now haunts the Joker's Smile which is useful for keeping jokers in the deck so you can compete with the decks that build a high ranking shootout hand. In the event, the deck went 3-2 , losing to Lee Patrick Fair's Law Dogs and Charles Penn's Smith and Robards. The Law Dogs were even more aggressive than the Thieves while Charles' mad scientists got the time they needed to build an infernal engine, as the jobs didn't come early enough.