Kung Fu plague

published Nov 25, 2019 | | |
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jaythejester 435

This deck was built to try to make conditions a, ahem, win condition. Play Incubation and Lost to the Plague to cause dudes to get discarded from upkeep and/or reduced to zero influence. Play some deeds and win. Don't ever finish a shootout, always run, or Deception out.

Incubation is tricky though. It can only be played on a dude who is booted at home. That's part of why we are combining conditions with Kung Fu. We can send opponents home booted with Rabbit's Deception.

This being a combo deck, we want to draw cards. Focusing Chi, One Good Turn, and Buried Treasure redraw into another card, meaning your deck size is actually only 26 cards that aren't Incubation and Lost to the Plague. Your also going to be drawing extra cards into hand with Randall, and occasionally Baijiu Jar and home ability.

You have some cards that will fail your Kung Fu pulls (8 cards), but your home ability, Emre, and Jars will hopefully help often enough. It will help to keep a running count of how many Kkung Fu failing cards are in your deck.