Krakow Event Winner 2019

published Dec 11, 2019 | | |
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karoob 16

Deck and report that my friend Horciu played.

Quick report:

1 – Desolation Row Jobs Build gadgets until had a lot of rocks and gadgets. At shootouts pulled straight flushes and take casualties to sidekicks when needed. MVP: Decimator and Pedro.

2 – Law Dogs Miracles Not much history here. Build gadgets, opponent didn’t pose a threat and let me build easily. I forced shootouts and win eventually. MVP: Decimator.

3 – Morgan Regulators Horses Thanks to Press and Specks I build huge gold pull. Then started to draw gadgets and oppose shootouts. He couldn’t fully benefit from Cavalry cause I had Pedros. MVP: Press and Decimator.

4 – Sloane Gang Town Square CP Rush. As I build influence thanks to Decimator and dudes he couldn’t rush CP enough. MVP: Decimator and Pedro.

5 – Oddies of Nature Abomination Not much history either. He started 3 guys. After building gadgets I opposed shootout and thanks to Pinned Down and straight flush he didn’t stand a chance as he couldn’t send me hope due to Pedro. MVP: Decimator and Pedro.

6 – Forth Ring He didn’t force shootout so I build easily and when I was read I force couple. Straight flush and casualties to sidekicks MVP: Decimator and Pedro.

This is the best deck ever. Many thanks to my team: Cycu, Burak, Zlevick and Gracjan.