Brew & View Episode 1: ConTrolley Dudes!

published Jan 12, 2020 | | |
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Prodigy 695

Dan and I took to a deck building series, taking suggestions from the community on deck building restrictions/themes/etc. This deck is all about getting control points on dudes. Outlaws are typically good at that, so I wanted to try something different that didn't involve Outlaws or Allie Hensman.

I think this turned out surprisingly well. I've only played the one game with it, so I'm not sure how I'd tune it yet, but it's not too heavy on either the abomination theme or the hex theme, so its resilient enough to be able to function without one or the other and still do ok.

Deck building youtube playlist can be found here, to see the deck building process from Dan and I in action, and the following game.

Jan 16, 2020 Findegil

I get that this deck is all about alternative win conditions and getting your CPs from Dudes rather than Deeds, but Long Strides Ranch/Morgan Mining Company still seem awful expensive. At least I'd add Concordia Cemetery, and then maybe double up on CC/EBO, or splash other no-CP deeds off value (Cochise County Courthouse).

Could also lean even more into CPs-on-Dudes with Forced Quarantine (either trusting in Blood Curse/Christine for the trigger or switching to Sanatorium) - and could then drop an EDS or two to make for Foreboding Glance, which will reliably boot attachments and might pull off the occasional trifecta.

Jan 17, 2020 Prodigy

Yeah, you are right - Long Strides and Morgan Mining are both not ideal, but I think it's worth it for 2 reasons: 1) they're mostly there for being on value and 2) you don't have to worry about defending them - this deck is awful when it comes to the chess part of doomtown, so having less places to defend is very important. That became very apparent even in that first game I played, in the youtube link above.

All this deck really needs is an extra 1 or 2 income and it's golden.

I actually forgot about Forced Quarantine giving a CP, that's a fun idea. I think it could work in this deck, but only if you either start Christine, or add some more inf/bullets/value reducing cards - otherwise it's probably not consistently usable enough.