Bad Company

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This is the Pine Box Entertainment provided Outlaws starter deck. It can be purchased on drive thru cards and makes an excellent starting point for getting into the game.


Primary Values – Threes, Fours, and Sevens

Desolation Row is a high-risk, high-reward outfit for the Outlaws. Using the home’s job each turn can give Outlaws the strongest starting economy in Doomtown, but only if your dudes succeed at running the job. The risk is that if opponents oppose this job and win the shootout, you’ll lose both dudes and your outfit’s benefits. Milt Clemons adds to this scofflaw economy by giving you additional money each time he becomes wanted (or more wanted).

To help wins shootouts, half the deck is dedicated to guns and actions to help bully opponents during fights. The outfit also provides the player a trait that causes all your highly wanted dudes to be worth a Control Point. Keep a keen eye for opportunities to use Kidnappin’ against vulnerable targets. If a shootout happens while kidnapping a dude at your opponent’s private location, all your posse will get 2 bounty, and may create winning Control Points on your dudes. The shootout actions and cheatin’ resolutions also give you strong options in shootouts.

Shootout structure is looking for Full House / Four of a Kind with the key values. Five of a Kind is also a strong (Cheatin’) option on 3’s and 4’s. You can also try for a Flush or Straight Flush in Clubs.