Rope & Ride

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Morgan Regulators Minimalist - PBE Starter/Flex, TS, 1xBase 0 0 0

johnhawkhaines 1

This is the Pine Box Entertainment provided Entrepreneurs starter deck. It can be purchased on drive thru cards and makes an excellent starting point for getting into the game.


Values– Eights, Sevens, and Fives

Early on you want to give your shooters some horses. For your first action, if you have a horse in your discard pile, run Maggie Harris’ job. Bring Irving Patterson along to gain the extra ghost rock. If you manage to pick up a Pedro, you will even make money from it. You want to make sure Buckin’ Billy Ballard gets a horse as soon as possible, followed by Henry Moran, Vida Azul, and Maggie Harris to take advantage of the Regulators’ ability to unboot dudes and make them studs. Mid-game you want to use Buckin’ Billy Ballard, Run ‘em Down, and Ridden Down to control town square and attempt to isolate your opponent’s dudes. Continue to use Maggie Harris to make sure all your dudes have horses. Use your horses to spread out and control your opponent’s deeds. Only get into fights where you have expendable draws or sidekicks to soak up any casualties. After a few turns, you should have 6 control points and your opponent will have to come out and fight you due to the Regulators trait and victory should be yours.

Shootout structure is looking for Full House / Four of a Kind with the key values.