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This is the Pine Box Entertainment provided Law dogs starter deck. It can be purchased on drive thru cards and makes an excellent starting point for getting into the game.

From pineboxentertainment.com/dtsd/

Primary Values– Sixes, Fives, and Nines

The Law Dogs starter deck is best played as a slow build. Flood the board with your 0 control point deeds as quickly as possible. Law Dogs don’t have as much cheap Influence as some of the other factions, so building your control with Jobs like Technological Exhibition and Ol’ Fashioned Hangin’ is the safest route to victory.

Ideally, you want to build a weapon gadget each turn to help place bounty to fuel dudes such as Lucy and Thunder Boy, as well as enabling Ol’ Fashioned Hangin’. Janoz Pratt is great way to do so cheaply, and allows you to catch your opponent off guard when combined with Fort 51 to create bounty mid-shootout.

A lot of your weapons take bullets away from your opponent, so use those first. Save your Faster on the Draws to unexpectedly swing momentum.

The Mystical keyword is a sub-theme. Father Tolarios can dig a mystical gadget out, and Erik Samson gains Influence by attaching one. Last but not least, your Cheatin’ Resolution action cards are all stronger when your hand is legal. Try to fight on your terms to really take advantage of them.

Shootout structure is looking for Full House / Four of a Kind with the key values.