The Winning Agenda

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johnhawkhaines 1

This is the Pine Box Entertainment provided First Peoples starter deck. It can be purchased on drive thru cards and makes an excellent starting point for getting into the game.


Values – Tens, Queens, and Kings

This First Peoples deck capitalizes on movement. Either set up the board position to have lopsided shootouts in your favor, or avoid shootouts entirely. A Red Horse Tail or Spirit Trail on your home allows Mazatl to return home with his Noon action, and a Ghostly Communion allows any Shaman to return home (or to the in deck Holy Ground deeds, or deeds turned into Holy Grounds by the Fires of Nanahbozho). Gateway to Beyond will allow you to gain extra uses of your spirits, increasing the disparity in actions well into your favor.

In shootouts, Guiding Wind can either improve your bullets or decrease an opponent’s. Unprepared it the game’s great equalizer, and a Nightmare at Noon can set the stage for a decisive victory.

Shootout structure is looking for Full House / Four of a Kind with the key values.