O'Malley's Clubless Legion (Pine Box Team Deck)

published Apr 28, 2020 | | |
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Pine Box Entertainment, LLC 156

Experiment in progress!

I've kept a Clubless deck together for I don't know how long and this is the current iteration. It's gone through many changes, but the outfit settled on Regulators due to the influence cap aspect since there isn't anything to initiate shootouts. Cochise County Courthouse could be slotted in for a Purifier, but Bird Cage could prove helpful for similar reasons and is slotted in.

Elander and his team is aiming to slide out with Purifiers while keeping the town in check via Asyncoil Guns and other shenanigans. The current build utilizes Lacy since once your opponent knows what you're doing, it's clear your cheatin' punishment is limited to what is on the board. Regulator tricks can help set up your studs for the straight flush draw with 8s and 9s as a full house backup with your Force Field if needed. It's been a fun deck to play with over time and I look to continuously evolve it and welcome suggestions from the community :)

Apr 28, 2020 Findegil

Love the concept - how about Cooper Grannon, Teleportation Device and Vitality Tonic (and a Devil's Six Gun to supplement cheating punishment)?

Apr 28, 2020 Pine Box Entertainment, LLC

Cooper can probably slot in over PostATron and I can def see dropping an Asyncoil for a Devil Six Gun. Jael Guile probably still needs all the 10s since that's great cheatin punishment.