Isolation Row

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Sep 16, 2020 NoChildren64

I used this deck for both the ChupacabraCon 2020 Ranger and GenCon 2020 Marshal Tournaments. Since I could only associate this deck with one of the two for some reason or another, I chose the Marshal Badge Event as I feel I performed poorly in the Ranger Badge Event and I merely performed foolishly in the GenCon Online Roundup.

I need to compile my thoughts about each event before I can really reflect on it all here. I will say, other than a GenCon 2017 Marshal Tournament I signed up for and dropped, due to my not having arrived on Wednesday as I meant for the meet and greet. At this time, I had been interested in the game since it came out, but never found a group to play with for a variety of circumstances not needed detailing here. When I got to GenCon 2017, I had taught myself how to play, not having internet or finding anyone in town who still played to help teach me this game. Out of hundreds of games, I found this game the most obtuse and the AEG manual was confusing. My anxiety took hold and I didn't saddle-up. I regret it save using that time frame to attend a Pinnacle Meeting.

I found Landon Sommer a few years later in the Knoxville area and have played against that gentleman a few times, having only beaten him this most previous duel we had. My only tournament experiences actually consist of the ones I ran with the Pinebox Organized Play Kits. Despite paying out of pocket, holding the tournaments in all age friendly environments, having formed Knoxville's first successful open to all gamenight, the attendance was most of the time only three amigos, a friend I had taught, Landon and myself.

Why is this forward here, before I even type up that important Tale-Tellin' about this here Dos Tournament deck I played? It's to say I've followed a lot of the players both through dtdb and discord for awhile using cellular data and was fortunate enough to acquire my very own internet capability just before two major tournaments against all the great players in the thoughtful Doomtown Community I knew as calculated players with interesting ideas, and I had to learn OCTGN and TTS on the spot to do so, since this was one convention i could be a part of without the very real Curse of Failure I seem to have.

An actual write-up is forthcoming, but I figured I would start off with a sort of explanation of how much it meant to me to be able to play this game, my favorite Board Game, with so many thoughtful and cool people. It meant a lot, and to anyone that provided me patience during initial rounds (OCTGN mostly due to it crashing or various problems which kept me from gleaning more than a subtle familiarity with it), I am super grateful to you especially. 09/15/20