My Other Horse is a Bicyle!

published Jun 25, 2020 | | |
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NoChildren64 3

A simple Bicycle deck I built to help the greenhorns learn the ropes!

Jul 06, 2020 karoob

Imho od going for standard 52 format you should put on every possibile option to reuse your Joker. The Whateley Estate and The Joker's Smile

Jul 14, 2020 NoChildren64

@karoobI appreciate the advice! I taught my Pardner how to play. Bought her the Anarchist starter and expansion off the Pinebox website and threw together a bicycle deck since it has even spreads of everything but cheating. I wanted a lot of movement since that seems a large hurdle for most greenhorns. I struggled a lot trying to learn this game on my own in the AEG era, because I moved to a smaller city with less active Boardgaming, and DTR players had mostly hung up their hats for good.