Six-Shooter: First Chamber (LD)

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The Event

This is a series of decks that was played for the online name-a-card event. The tournament had flexible deck-building rules, which I used to run a revolver setup.

The pre-cut decks (in order of play) were LD, EN, AN, FM, and FP. With 4 wins (LD/EN/FM/FP) and 1 loss (AN), the OL deck will get a chance in the cut.

The Deck

This deck is probably the most plain Jane of the decks I brought to the event. The goal is to play out all the economy deeds on one side of the street, reserving the other for when a win condition (Union/Epidemic) is played.

There are very few CP outside the win conditions by design, to prevent the decks desire for economy to conflict with its desire to sit back and setup. The economy is used to fuel low-risk Bounty Hunter attacks, and play out the non-DMH dudes.

The Game

Round 1 vs. Falsezero

The start looked a little grim for me, as opponent played out entire hand (including two upkeepless dudes, bringing them to 7 in their posse). Unfortunately, with 2 upkeep in their start, and me winning every lowball, their board state really stagnated at that point.

My note-taking and memory leaves something to be desired here, but I did write "better lucky than good" in my notes. This game basically boiled down to me getting lucky and out-gunning them in every shootout. At one point I ran a BH against Jake at his home to try and pressure some of his stronger force out of TS. He declined it and fought the Gunslinger with just Jake and Philip, and it was a blowout that got them both aced. Eventual CP pressure from Allie and further shootout wins took it down.

The Lessons

  • Be wary of spending yourself into a position that causes you to stagnate. 2 upkeep starts are a concern here. Lowball, like all elements of luck, can and will betray you, and leave your economy hurting.
  • Bounty Hunter can be as much a positional control tool as it can force fight.