Six-Shooter: Third Chamber (AN)

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The Event

This is a series of decks that was played for the online name-a-card event. The tournament had flexible deck-building rules, which I used to run a revolver setup.

The pre-cut decks (in order of play) were LD, EN, AN, FM, and FP. With 4 wins (LD/EN/FM/FP) and 1 loss (AN), the OL deck will get a chance in the cut.

The Deck

I've published this list before; it's the only repeat in the revolver.

Despite the language in that write-up, it's actually a categorically bad deck. It's a cheese deck, with only one game plan if you start Nicodemus; get in on the 2 CP deed, get to 6 CP, and force a fight. It outright falls apart if you cannot do that, by any means (don't draw a deed, opponent gets >= 6 influence, etc.).

The Game

Round 3 vs. Harlath

This game lasted one round. I drew the deed, played Raven on it, and generated my 6 CP. My opponent had a 5 influence start, and played out a Fancy New Hat. At this point, they made a pretty grave play error; they walked in and fought me, despite the fact that they had influence to cover my CP, and I had to pay 5 upkeep with no money and not enough income.

It didn't matter though. After I played Siege, I had no cards in hand, he knew he could cheat like a bandit, and blew Nicodemus' (et al) brains all over The Extra Bet.

In short, I fought the law, and the law won (... by cheating?). If this match was canon, Doomtown would have a swift and happy ending.

The Lessons

  • It's really easy, especially for more aggressive players, to unilaterally take the fight to your opponent if you think you have the advantage (sometimes even if you don't). Consider the board state further though; sometimes, waiting or otherwise can cripple your opponent without the risk of the fight, either doing the hard work, or a large portion of it, for you.
  • If you find yourself brazen enough to run a revolver in a non-revolver tournament, and further brazen enough to include a cheese deck in that revolver, play that deck round 1, not round 3. Off-flavor cheese might squeek out a win at 0-0. Your odds go down at 2-0.
  • In deck-building, ensure your deck has gameplans for if things don't work out. Your deck should not fall apart if, for example, you don't draw a deed.
Jul 29, 2020 Harlath

This is an interesting example of different perspectives! I wondered about the influence blitz deck having tricks to help it in future turns (actions like Buried Treasure, discarding Daomei Wang, playing Backroom Deals and hiring Steven Wiles, winning lowball etc).

With my hand and posse, there was no risk to my influence from getting in to a gunfight and lots to gain - killing opposing dudes and emptying a hand stuffed with Clubs!

Well, that and we have a small baby, so I was keen to end the game quickly as getting to bed at 9pm would tragically represent a triumph. ;) Has life really come to this?

This type of deck can still be a nasty surprise for lots of people and has some chance of fending of an opening raid. Particularly nasty for some decks if the opening 4GR deeds is The Whateley Estate...

Jul 29, 2020 ironcache

I had not considered it, but Backroom Deals is a valid point (if a statistically safe bet to not see on the other side of the table). Winning lowball sadly would not help, as I had 4 income (+1 from lowball = 5 total), but would have to pay back the bank, Daomei, and Nico (6 total). Buried Treasure is telegraphed; can start the fight after it shows its face.

The notion of wanting to get clubs out of your hand is fair, but my board state was guaranteed to shrivel (neglecting Backroom plays, as mentioned); even if yours had stagnated, you still "win" that trade. Next round, you would have had the same opportunity to clear out those clubs, sans my Daomei (but further worrying on Wiles is valid from there, if he happened to be my last card in hand, or I drew into him).

I hope it hasn't come off condescending or diminutive to call out my perspective on the matter. I was genuinely just thinking about what might be good things I could put in the write-ups to add some value, and the little "lessons" blurb idea, briefly highlighting where things did/could have turned around in my matches, seemed like a decent idea.

Jul 29, 2020 ironcache

RE: Whateley Estate, aye, if the opponent can't muster up the 6 influence or a force fight, it can instantly win the game. The first game I played against Deputy Way, as he sat across the table from this, he conceded the match after my first action of playing Whateley.