People of Science, People of Action

published Oct 04, 2020 | | |
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TybarSunsong 74

People of Science, People of Action

I took this deck into two tournaments, top 8 in one (The Online Name-A-Card Event), and ended up winning the other (the Ranger event)

This deck is a direct response to two things from my previous mad science deck (

  1. I was struggling with not being able to judge when to get into fights with that I would often try to fight early and get severely punished for it.
  2. I had a lot of people complain about seeing Yagn's and seeing Decimator much so that it started to become unfun to play at times.

So instead, I made a deck that could, and often did, invent gadgets, but didn't actually have to to fight. (I won a couple of games with only maybe 1 gadget on the board, and often none in fights).

My main strategy was to try to do the hard read on my opponent and figure out if I should build up or fight early.

If I could, I'd puy POST-A-TRON out to make money on the first day, possibly baiting out an early fight, and often repelling my opponent after a round or two.

I'd always try to invent at least two gadgets as soon as I could. One was usually kept unbooted for ASM, the other would be kept unbooted to either use its ability or to use with Smith & Robard's.

The card cycling turned out to be key in several matches, as was the control point on the gadget. I often was able to force my opponent into a fight by tossing that extra control point out.

While this was an interesting deck, I actually didn't enjoy playing it nearly as much as some of my other gadget decks over the years...I often didn't get to play any fun combos, and mostly just fought a lot of shootouts, often without gadgets and just gambling on a good, solid deck structure to carry me through.

Oct 04, 2020 TybarSunsong

I want to say a few things about Grim Servant O' Death:

  1. It's excellent in a gadget deck, as you almost always have someone who is at home that you don't really want to bring in, so it's easy to fire on defense.
  2. In all other situations, it's a much worse card a lot of the time. You can definitely find situations where it works on offense, but often times, your opponent will just bring the dude in...and if you don't have a convenient Pinned Down, it may be a really bad time.
  3. It costs a ghost rock, and this deck did not make tons of money all of the balancing using it versus using Force Field was really tough and key in a few games.

If you run this card, always bait out your opponent into calling you out if possible.