FMB Abomination DMH A/8

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This is a slow deck, probably better suited for multiplayer games. It relies on the regenerative aspect of abominations, rather than the usual shootout tricks such as bullet reduction or hand rank manipulation. The goal is to be able to consistently pull a legal four of a kind, illegal five of a kind, or a Dead Man's Hand. Incurring loss of dudes when illegal shouldn't be too much of a hardship, since aced dudes will soon return to the table with Ivor or Horace.

As a DMH deck, you need to thin out all cards except the black Aces and Eights, the Jacks of Diamonds, and of course Ivor. You begin this process by first acing, or putting into play, any abominations that are not Aces, Eights or Ivor. By using Howard to play out Gomorra Parish before turn one, and with Buried Treasure, you hope to ace one or more of these cards each turn. Once these off-value abominations are no longer in your deck, the next cards to ace are Buried Treasure, and any unplayed Hearts or Diamonds. If your income is solid, you would hope to play down many of these red cards instead. Of special importance are the Six-Shooters and Quickdraw Handgun which either punish cheating or upgrade your hand. You want to play down at least one of each of these.

At first, before the deck has been thinned, you should try for legal four of a kind or illegal five of a kind shootout hands. Eventually, you hope to occasionally pull the DMH (black aces, black eights and the Jack of Diamonds). However, since this probably won't happen often, you need to set things up to facilitate winning the shootout. For instance: 1) If you have only a full house (with black Aces and Eights), and your opponent cheats, either switch hands with them with Quickdraw, or upgrade to a DMH with the Six-Shooters. 2) With the Ghostly Gun in the shootout (hopefully brought into play at a discount with Ivor), you can play the Aces and Eights full house, and then use the Gun to substitute for the missing Jack of Diamonds.
3) If necessary, you might even use both the Six-Shooters and the Ghost to change a four of a kind into a DMH. However, even playing the Ghost down on the table will take some consideration since this is one of the four Eights needed for your draw hands. In general however, it's probably best to simply go for the four or five of a kind draw hand, since a full house will usually be beaten by a good shootout deck.

The biggest weakness of this deck (and of most abomination decks) is it's lack of influence. If you lose Karl early on, it's game over... before you have a chance to do anything with the deck. As such, it's paramount to get The Harvester aced and brought into the game as soon as possible. A backup plan might be to hold Ivor in your hand early on, just in case you need to bring him in prematurely, to restore Karl or to add the influence himself.

Lastly, be careful not to cheat in a shootout with either Ivor or Horace, if you suspect that you opponent might play a cheating resolution that could ace them (e.g., Coachwhip). If Ivor should be aced, your only backup is for Horace to bring him back into your play hand. That said, if either of these dudes are in a shootout, you can play it legal for a round (even if you lose with a full house), and then either discard or retreat these dudes. Once they are removed from the action, you might want to cheat away. Your dudes can be replaced,. There dudes, probably not.