LaCroix's Agenda

published Feb 28, 2021 | | |
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DoomDog 972

I was messing around with Bayou Vermilion Railroad and The Harvester starts recently, and this is one of the decks I came up with. I've played a couple of games with it and it's worked ok but definitely still at the 'weird and experimental' stage.

The deck idea took its cue from Baron LaCroix's Bayou Vermilion Railroad in Deadlands. The Baron uses his evil magic to reanimate the dead to work in his rail gangs and mines, and has various other abominable agents doing his dirty work. I wanted to try and exploit Abominations to make money. You can bring them in for free when your opponent cheats in lowball with Soul Cage, and if you don't need them for anything else then kill them off with No Turning Back to make some ghost rock which you can spend on improving the town. That's not the end of their usefulness as Soul Cage can bring them back again, or Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) can return them from the dead at a discount to defend your investments (and y'know, kill them again for money).

There are a few non-Abomination dudes in the deck, but there are Roses for the ones likely to stick around) so they can contribute towards a cheaper Ivor. Because it's built around combos I included The Winning Agenda for card cycling, and while it's not the best Cheatin' Resolution it's better than none. Rather than pile all-in to early shootouts the deck prefers to play a few deeds first and try and get your opponent to spread out before fighting. Qs and Ks are your shootout values, so the more cards from other values you can get into play the better your chances of getting good hands are.

It would probably work fine without starting Harv, but with him I have a 3 influence dude to use with The Winning Agenda straight away without having to work around Karl Odett. Arnold with 2 influence and Lew with 1 provide options when using it. Arnold helps keep your dudes in play and Lew has a handy ability that helps find you Soul Cages and Aboms (or Stone's Colt Dragoons if you have no better option. You can still boot them to make GR with the home ability).