Den of Thieves Cheatin' Hucksters

published Apr 03, 2021 | | |
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yoritomobobo 33

An update to my previous Huckster build, after a few games. Removed some cards that i flat out misread AGAIN (looking at you De Annulos Mysteriis), added a few stuff.

Shadow walk and Sight Beyond Sight are very good and got bumped to 4 and 3 copies respectively: Shadow walk is just way too good with Dave Gorman to be a threat all around the board at any time, and Sight Beyond Sight is invaluable to get Cheatin Res cards out of the opponent's hand before Shootout.

Added 2 Mind Twist instead of Masonic Augment and so far, it proved quite good: the deck need spells to discard (even if sadly this one can't quite get discarded to Gorman's ability most of the time), this one's free and usually provide some free influence on Radcliffe or other dudes. It can also in a pinch remove influence from your opponent's dudes, something this deck does quite a lot between this, Blood Curse and the general killing. :)

Again because i needed spells to discard on value, and more specifically ones with Shootout actions for Dave Gorman, i added Malison, which sadly cost a ghost rock. It performed ok, not great, but it's a necessary evil. Same with Mark of Pestilence, except this one isn't that good in that deck, but it's free. Need more testing to see if this last one is needed or if i go up 2 Scatterguns.

The deck was a bit tight in both the economy and the starting influence department, so i removed Maria Kingsford (i have no need of her trait and i already have 2 starting Hucksters) to add the necessary evil that is Jake Smiley.

So far the deck seems to work quite well, by far the best Sloane Huckster deck i ever played (which, granted, doesn't mean much) :) .