Jose Cuervo Pool Party 2.5

published May 29, 2021 | | |
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MarzGray 7

So with the five role players in the mix establish town square control quick, Morales with some spells and a Legendary holster or a shotgun can really ruin the weekend for some. Espinosa provides stable backup, really useful in the long haul. Hennsman does her thing, and Smiley doesnt hurt either. And The Fixer does just that fixes your opening hand then goes back to party with the other Gomorra celebrities. Micah, McGill, Kingsford, and Archer are backup Hucksters. Everyone else is pure utility, play 'em when you need them. The good dawg serves two roles a- take a casualty b- help you back up the posse Stone idol pushes the shotgun/Holster thing to another level.

The Clubs are the only utility you need: you cheat BANG!! Need a stud BANG!! Bullet reducer or need to run away BANG!!

The Diamonds are perfect for draw and bend the economy to your liking, easy, sweet, and curves just right

Have fun, Raise Hell, and do the job well.