Not That Tumblebleed Deck

published Sep 05, 2021 | | |
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ironcache 189

Inspired by Carter's submission, putting forward my own take on Tumblebleeds!

HRM has synergy with Tumblebleeds! (Make them be the loser via HRM, and then lose more via Tumblebleeds!). To this end, using the traditionally-strong huckster HRM suite, along with Inner Struggle and PTPT for some persistent HRM threats. Jia Mein followed.

Aboms help hedge against the pitfalls of Tumblebleeds (IE: backfiring on losing) by being able to be played even after being aced. Putting a couple in the start, along with Ivor + Soul Cage, should do the job.

Fill out with some cheap influence in the start and Toolbox conditions, call it a deck. Aces are hoping to be a disappearing value, less the persistent Hired Guns (too good to turn up).