The One That Didn't Make It

published Oct 23, 2021 | | |
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ironcache 189

This is the unfinished decklist that I had to convince myself to walk away from before the 2021 Online Marshal.

The goal is to set up an extremely fast Flying Zombie (for the unindoctrinated, a harrowed dude with an ornithopter, who you use with force field to lose nothing in fights, excepting boatloads of Ghost Rock). Alferd is that zombie.

Abuse high starting rock, high economy deeds, Fiddle, Irving (+ jobs), and Currency Press (w/ Doomsday) to offset the 2 upkeep (+ pressure Alferd loyalty). 3x Doomsday, Maggie, Arthur, and 4x each key piece, to maximize early setup odds.

Stoker, Hydro-puncher, and ASM (if not holding for Unprepared/Stable LH) is the plan for Shotgun (Yagn's can be an early sub). Start Dead Billy in response to obvious slide (MCC).

Your dudes don't die, so Hunters Win Con.

Deck as-is has problems. Chiefly, Diego near-necessary for Ornithopter (Roe decked as a backup). Also low CR. Likely 1x LeMat for 1x Puncher would be good. Paying further homage and using MCC, not unreasonable, but Regulators is anti-slide.

Hopefully won't regret the choice.

Oct 26, 2021 Prodigy

While this might be the last Marshal tourney with the Old Timer format, it's certainly not the last tourney/event of that type! Regret or not, you may still get a chance :)

Looks pretty solid, with the only thing I'd personally change is to remove 1 Ornithopter to add 1 more Doomsday. In theory you really only need 1 Ornithopter on the board, and that roughly keeps the same chances, while tightening the structure up a bit (unless a looser, 10-off value structure was a goal).

Stoker's Sabre seems an incredibly expensive way to add a couple bullets and +3 value, maybe with the 4th doomsday to search out Yagns, if needed, could let you drop the Stokers for that LeMat?

Oct 27, 2021 ironcache

The problem is that, literally, Yagn's doesn't fly.

(It cannot be the permanent solution to keeping Alferd's value high, as it takes his horse slot, and precludes doing Flying Zombies at all.)

I agree with the sentiment though. It's expensive value. Tusk would be good, if willing to accept the fail chance.

Oct 27, 2021 ironcache

As to -1 Ornithopter +1 Doomsday, it's a reasonable thought. You do only need 1, but you really want 2-3 (Irving is excellent with a ornithopter, and Maggie is a good back up stud with regulator).

I'm not immediately sold it's the right move, but not convinced it's worse either.