Dies Irae + Wyatt

published Nov 18, 2021 | | |
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Antonlion 31

Kill your own dudes with Buried Treasure and No Turning Back to make Dies Irae and Wyatt Earp easy to play. Tutor Dies Irae with Father Tolarios.

Since we're acing a bunch of dudes and drawing card through Buried Treasure and Philip Swinford, Wyatt should end up in our play hand at some point.

It's usually easy to get a big dude out by acing Agent Provocateur, which also gives a stud for Dies Irae. I love that combo. Lots of high cost/low upkeep dudes for that.

Otherwise there is the Intercession + Point Blank combo. I could run 4 x Point Blank, but I like having Test of Wills as a pseudo Unprepared, since I can't run Unprepared because of the Buried Treasures x 4.

I'm thinking of switching the Bounty Hunters for Curse of failures.

I can't bring myself to add Cheating Resolutions on clubs without hurting my shootout capabilities or removing some deck enabling cards, so for now, they're all on goods or dudes.