Janky Baird Mk1

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Deputy_Greg 26

I decided to try something a bit different this go around. I had never done more than goldfish with this deck. The plan is to get [[Epidemic Lab]], stock it with [[Auto-Gatling]] and ride it to victory, degenerating to DMH. Things did not go as planned.

[[Mr. Baird]] was included to help me fish for the lab and then cycle the extra labs and [[Jackson's Strikes]]. He is a key part of this deck. No complaints there.

[[Deadwood Dick]] was included for the stud and influence. I never used his Cheatin' Resolution.

[[Henry Moran]] could help get more deeds into my discard for Mr. Baird, so he worked well.

Game 1 vs JRBookman - Anarchists: My high starting influence kept me in this, but they went wide. I also didn't see a deed turn 1, which really hurts. I won one shootout, but it was a Pyrrhic victory as I lost my dudes to [[Takin Ya With Me]].

Game 2 - Rogue Dakotan - Protection Racket I was able to build up a little. There were two dudes parked on one of my deeds and I thought I had degenerated enough to have a good shot at DMH with Jen+Yagn and a couple of other studs. Unfortunately, it was not to be and I took the L.

Game 3 - Maikiro - Law Dogs I'm able to build and the Epidemic Lab clock started ticking. I'm pretty sure my opponent was only packing [[Bounty Hunter]] and maybe [[Judge XP]] for forced callouts, so I played things very conservatively. I was able to get a DMH in the final shootout, sealing the win.

Game 4 - TheHuffDaBeast - Morgan Gadgetorium I got an early lab going and a few other deeds for ghost rock. Economy was okay. I tried playing conservatively again until my opponent dropped enough control to force me to fight. [[Unprepared]] knocked out my solo-Jen, Yagn's, and Force Field. Even with a single Auto-Gatling, I had to drop a cheating 5-oak only to be hit by [[It's Not What You Know...]]. There was a lot of stud on the other side of the board, so if I hadn't had to fight, I wouldn't have.

Changes I'd make: Cut the [[Establish' Who's In Charge]] for more [[Hired Guns]]. Establishin' was meant to speed up the clock, but I don't think the cost of a booted dude was worth it. I'd much rather have the ability to fish for an off value dude or bring back [[Steven Wiles]] or [[Daomei Wang]].

This is also really light on gadgets. I'm not sure what I'd want to do about that. Maybe cut a lab and a [[Lost to the Plague]]? Maybe cut any gadgets that weren't the Auto-Gatling?

I'm not sure how I feel about [[Maza Gang Hideout]]. I included it as a second target for Establishin' and the economy is decent. But it is off value. Maybe I keep it, maybe I pitch it. [[Morgan Mining Company]] was also added for economy. I don't think I ever played it. But maybe I keep it since it is economy with no control points.

If I cut back on gadgets, I'd probably swap Jen for someone. Not sure who. But she's also a cheap stud and gets a bonus influence from Pedro. I'd consider a version going Auto-Gatling as the only gadgets and then reevaluating the start.