Fearmongers Weird West Edition Official Starter Deck List

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Fearmongers Weird West Edition Official Starter Deck List

Aug 16, 2023 DoomDog

How would I play this deck? This deck wants to make use of Hexes to play a more patient, control-focused game. It's got the structure to perform well in shootouts, but the starting gang isn't set up to rush out all guns blazing.

As your starting Hucksters, Valeria Batten and Alfred Byrne are your key dudes to protect early on. Try to spread out your early hexes between the two of them so you don't lose everything should one of them leave play.

Make use of your hexes to move opposing dudes out of position, boot them so they can't move to other locations, and reduce the bullets and influence of key dudes to give yourself an advantage before going into a shootout. As the starting gang lacks a strong shooter, it may be best to wait until you have Bobo or Alan Campbell in play before going on the attack.

Playing Nicodemus Whateley at the right time and using his ability can win you games. If you're in an advantageous position Epidemic Laboratory can be used each turn to ramp up the pressure on your opponent. Don't overlook Blood Curse - reducing a dude's influence by one is an incredibly strong ability.