Two-Fisted Justice - Marshall 21 & PAX '21

published Jan 13, 2022 | | |
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Jan 13, 2022 theledgerman

So, here’s the latest iteration of the Robo-Cop deck. The general game plan is to build big studs with some combination of Hyrdro-Punchers and Rapiers and then opportunistically hunt down the opponent (e.g., with Arsenal).

The biggest challenge for earlier builds of this deck was consistency. At a minimum you want to get a melee weapon on a dude right out of the gate and additionally have one in your discard pile for Janosz to grab in a shootout. With Dr. JT Goodenough coming onto the scene, both of these issues are basically solved. On grifting, the choice is always between Devil’s Six Gun and Hyrdo-Puncher. Even if they choose for you to keep Devil’s Six Gun, having no upkeep means your economy is not too jeopardized. The looser draw structure (15/13/12) also means you have a decent chance of winning low-ball, which is also important to ensure Janosz get to activate in a shootout.

Running this deck out of Arsenal means that you have ways to target dudes hiding at home and still be able to defend while booted. Stewart Davidson does double duty here, both as a card outlet (e.g., to off-load a gadget weapon for Janosz’s shootout ability) and to make a dude wanted.

Darius Hellstromme also comes in handy in certain situations, enabling you to grab an extra control point here and there or to ensure a dude is aced that would have otherwise been discarded.

The weakest aspects of the deck are the Holy Wheel Guns (mostly there in case you are desperate for a gadget weapon), and the vulnerability to a potential early loss of Janosz, who typically only wants to invent during a shootout (note that the weapon he invents sticks around until the end of the day).

Interesting edge cases: Unprepared and other effects that blank a dude with two Hydro-Punchers means that one of them gets discarded (as you can’t normally have two weapons attached). Also, the rules text on Hydro-Puncher says “While this duded has two Weapons attached, they are a stud,” but the general consensus seems to be that the stud status is not continuously checked (e.g., after an effect that would change them to a draw).

For PAX, I dropped my one copy of Outgunned in favor of a third Shan Fan Showdown! (although, I never say these in any of my games).

Carter also suggested that the Fabulous Mister Miss would be a great addition to this deck, and I tend to agree.

This deck had a hard time against some of the other gadget decks in the Marshall tournament. At PAX, it did well enough against both a Fearmongers control deck and an Outlaw Desolation Row deck – both piloted by respectable opponents.