BYE-Ou Vermilion Choo Choo (Marshall WWE PBE Deck)

published Jan 14, 2022 | | |
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Pine Box Entertainment, LLC 406

Taking a go at my first WWE build! Draw structure: 41 (16/15/10, my 'go to') Goal: control the board with lots of booting going into end game options with New Town Hall and Mason Adler with added home invasion options through The Angler and Alan Campbell Synergy: Landon can move around the Abominations and those made into them with Hawley's. F1 to grab a Mystical item, Walter to shut down deeds with the Railroad with his added Influence. Pawnshop can make free money off the Railroad discount. Bilton's is great if I can sit on a deed I don't turn off. Carter's to help board positioning. Meta: Black Owl (since there is no unit removal), Virginia (no hand rank manipulation) If we have an odd amount of players in the Marshall event I'll be joining as the Bye Open to thoughts and suggestions! -Lapp