WWE Hex v2.5

published Jan 16, 2022 | | |
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shosuro006 2

Vanilla, Huckster focused deck using the new home for the Fearmongers in WWE. I aimed for consistently hitting a 9 difficulty spell pull. I do start with low influence, but you can swap Zeb for Jia Mein if you need an influence bump for some match ups. The spells help control the board with reducing influence, shifting my opponents dudes to different locations, and shadow walking to the key locations as needed. My draw structure is 9-10-Q and I think it was pretty tight, usually just went for legal full house most shootouts. I think my starting dudes might have led my opponents to extend into multiple rounds in some early Day 1-2 shootouts trying to push for an early win against me. In those situations I was fortunate enough to punish them with my resolutions or caught them cheatin. I lost to a deed slide in the swiss, since I drew no blood curses at all that game and did not have enough influence to cover my opponents deeds. My top 8 game, had me lose to a timely deadman's hand in the first shootout on Day 1, and I was without enough resolutions in hand to mitigate it. After the dust settled I was left with a single dude in play.