[WWE] Two (Hundred Fifty?) Sidekicks

published Jan 16, 2022 | | |
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ironcache-wwe 4

With WWE's changes to KF rules allowing equal value, Demon Bull FP has been opened up a little (whereas before only Monomi was reliable, now Matthew and Lewis can also support, so your start isn't all in on 1 dude). I'm sure this was intentional.

That said, with the loss of MLF in WWE, the archetype took a little bit of a hit on sidekicks. Monomi can't use the spirit sidekicks, so they can't be the focus (including a couple hares anyway as 1 cost sidekicks are just really good). Without MLF, the third value options are Feathered Friend, Hound, and Scratch (to allow KF success). Doing hound here to get access to force fight, CR, and reasonable odds on a off-value MBR (guaranteed with Matthew). The other values are also reasonable.

I think the non-WWE version of this would have better legs. Look forward to a sidekick on the 6-7 slot in WWE.