The Bloodthirsty Judge

published Jan 22, 2022 | | |
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ironcache-wwe 4

A take on Judge XP1 for WWE.

With the add of Laura Banks and Belligerance, and the loss of HG, I'm feeling like judge is in a reasonable spot in WWE.

3s is a no-brainer value, with either the free magnum rounds, or the studlifying Bowie Knife (valueable, given the only starting aggressive stud is the Gunslinger), Sun, Land Purchase (this deck's only hope of a deed game), and strong dudes (you could take the AN aboms instead of some on this list, if worried about costs).

Beyond that, the sky is really the limit. I considered 3/8 w/ 3-8 SF, 3/4/5 w/ 3-7 or 2-6 SF, heavier SF... but I decided I'm liking Q here; TfB can make judge or Phil a 3 stud (and you have 6 influence to be okay with the downside). LP into general store can get keep your goods online (and bible is great on judge). Cheapo dudes (+ Hattie, who wants so badly to be started by this deck). Great value. It precludes SF, but let's be honest, SF sucks anyway (sorry Shekky).

5s is another reasonable value. Belligerance precludes Coachwhip, so we want a strong CR, and Huckleberry delivers. Pearl Handled also attacks our stud problem on the cheap. The deeds and dudes on 5 are generally a challenge, which is why Queen took priority, but it's solid.

Deck wants Unprepared, but not more than FotD (which also indirectly attacks Shotgun and Scattergun concerns, as well as more studlification). Go a little light on 5s to make room for it, and we have a deck.