Prophecy and Blessing (WWE)

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jaythejester 435

Jesters Industries is updating its catalog for the Wild West Edition, and is again evaluating the benefits of bullets. From preliminary testing, we have found drawing more cards in a shootout tends to give high return value. In conjunction, knowing what cards are on top your deck can not only help guarantee you know your pulls, but can give you an idea of what is coming in your draw hand, and even prepare the top of your deck.

Trick Shooting is the inspiration for this deck, favoring high number of red cards, and high bullet rating, which Miracles have in spades (or more accurately hearts).

Saved By Grace can seed the top card of your deck to be red, help you know what order to cast your spells, or foresee a strong shootout hand partially set up with a card in hand. This greatly helps Heart Flush decks biggest issue of missing values. At the same time if there is a critical card you want drawn into hand, such as Comin' Up Roses.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on miracles that don’t boot when cast for Deborah West’s (Exp.1) and Padre Ernesto de Diaz ability.

Draw structure is Heart - Straight Flush. Secondary is full 9’s and weak 7’s when you can’t find a full SF. The decks main weakness is lack of debuffs and spot removal, so this deck plays very predictably and give opportunity to surprise opponents.

Apr 12, 2022 Antaiseito

I might overlook something but it seems you want to do the same i initially wanted to use Saved by Grace for, which is knowing what you'll be pulling in future turns? Until i noticed you have to shuffle your deck after looking at the cards and placing a card on top of the deck.

Apr 14, 2022 jaythejester

Thank you @Antaiseito. I missed the shuffle part, and that dampens my expectations a bit. I still see the outfit being very good for dropping cards back in deck to help the draw structure, especially important for non club flush decks. While Saved By Grace shuffles, Trick Shooting still helps prophecy and build a good draw hand.

Apr 15, 2022 Antaiseito

True, Trick shooting looks really fun in this. My old blessed melee decks usually had multiple 4+ bullet dudes available. Interesting!